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Leadership Award

Tier One Volleyball Club, in partnership with Telos Corporation, sponsors an annual collegiate scholarship - Tier One / Telos Award for Leadership (TOTAL). The award recognizes significant leadership contributions to team, school, and community and is open to any high-school-aged volleyball athlete in the Title IX category (see note below).  This award is established at $5,000, with the possibility of additional funds available at the sole discretion of the selection committee; monies will be appropriated to the college or university of the athlete's choosing for use at the student-athlete's discretion.

Tier One/Telos Award for Leadership Application
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Thank you for recommending a student-athlete for the Tier One Leadership Award. We will announce winner(s) at the end of the club season.

Terms and Conditions



Any Title IX student-athlete participating in a club and/or high school women's volleyball program.

Primary consideration will be granted to athletes aged 16-18; younger athletes with collegiate volleyball aspirations may be considered.

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Nominee must be in good academic standing, an active participant in a club and/or high school women's volleyball program, and recommended for the TOTAL scholarship by an adult.

Telos CEO has sole discretion over panel review process and will determine annual selection(s). 

Funds will be released solely at the discretion of Telos CEO with the understanding that the award is a scholarship for collegiate education.



Any eligible student-athlete may be nominated for the TOTAL award.

Nomination must be submitted by an adult (over age 18) with direct knowledge of the nominee's leadership abilities, attributes, and performance.

Nomination is limited to two pages (one-page if printed on both sides), double-spaced, in standard memorandum format.

Nomination should focus on the nominee's leadership, formal and informal; her contributions to the game, on and off the court; her character and conduct, both athletically and socially; and her commitment to her teammates.

Athletic accomplishments and statistics are not indicators of leadership beyond the conduct of the player and her use of her abilities to lead the team.

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