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How Much is the Club Participation Fee?


Participation fees:

U18 :  $2900

U17 :  $2900

U16 :  $2900

U15 :  $2900

U14 :  $2500*

All participation fees are payable in monthly installments. An initial payment of $500 is due at signing, with remaining payments due on the first of each month, beginning in December, and final payment ($400) due on 1 April of the club season.

* U14 will attend tournaments closer to home.




What Do My Participation Fees Get Me?


Tier One Volleyball Club teams will participate in at least four multi-day tournaments, as selected by the club, and as many one-day tournaments and the region may approve.  Each team will have at least two practice sessions per week and access to an open gym session once per week; if competition interferes with scheduled practice, Tier One will attempt to add a make-up practice session for that week.  Each athlete will receive a full uniform issue (at a minimum: two jerseys, warm-ups, and equipment bag).

Travel Details:  Tier One will provide lodging (hotel) for all players and Tier One staff at each multi-day tournament (local two-day tournaments may be excepted).  Each team will have three or four rooms dedicated to players, dependent upon roster size.  The club will pay all costs associated with competition.  Travel may be made available to athletes in the event they are unable to travel with family members.


When and Where are Practices?


Tier One Volleyball teams will practice at our dedicated home court with the Telos Corporation in Ashburn.  Detailed practice schedules will be determined during the Contract Signing Party, and will be based upon input from players and families.


What Payment Types are Accepted?


Tier One Volleyball accepts Venmo, cash, or check payment for all products and services. 


What Can I Expect at a Tier One Clinic?


Tier One Volleyball clincis are tailored to the participating athlete(s).  A one-on-one clinic with a Tier One Coach will give an athlete one hour with a coach of her/his choosing, based on skill or preference, and a personalized training plan.  Group clinics are available, either regularly scheduled or by request, and will focus on either general skills or specific technical/position skill(s).


What Are the Eligibility Requirements?


All athletes must be USAV registered before participating in the Chesapeake Region (CHRVA); players, coaches, and teams are required to use the on-line membership registration process through the CHRVA website (  Also, please note that players are required to register online before participating in try-outs.  Without the registration confirmation number, clubs can not allow participation.  Some of our teams' athletes may be required to register with AAU, as well, for participation in AAU events.

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